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Long Distance Moving CompanyLong Distance Moving Company

Do you anticipate moving to (or from) the dynamic City of Toronto soon? Obtain long distance moving services from Metropolitan Movers Toronto. We’ll do everything we can to help you complete a household or business relocation on schedule. Customers appreciate our fast, friendly assistance and our superb service! If you’ve decided to research long distance moving companies, you’ll want to pay close attention to our proven track record of success. Our long distance movers make achieving complete customer satisfaction their top priority.

Typical Long Distance Moving Rates in Toronto

When customers research long distance movers in Toronto, they usually hope to learn as much as possible about average moving costs. Today, most companies regard relocations outside a 150 kilometer range as a “long distance” move. Long distance movers generally charge customers based upon the weight of their freight and the hauling distance. For example, long distance moving companies generally expect higher payments for a relocation from Toronto to Vancouver than for one from Toronto to Kingston. Rates average between $500 and $700 for the first 500 pounds of freight and increase thereafter by an average of $400 to $600 in 500 pound increments. Additional fees usually apply for weighing household freight, packing and unpacking, storage services, and for the transport of certain specialty items, such as pianos and appliances. (We think the affordable rates charged by our long distance movers in Toronto will please you!)

Select Metropolitan Movers Toronto

Why should you choose Metropolitan Movers Toronto? In addition to our focus on providing excellent customer service and our competitive pricing, we offer a variety of available extra services. If you need to meet a looming deadline, consider requesting our wrapping and packing services. To expedite settling into your new location, ask our movers to place your boxes in specific rooms when we unload the moving truck. You possess the power to tailor our available services to meet your unique household needs during a long distance relocation.

Our Goal: Total Customer Satisfaction

We’ve invested in some excellent specialized equipment to help our customers enjoy carefree relocations. We use straps, dollies, ramps, padding, and other moving tools to reduce the risk of damage to customer freight shipments during loading and unloading. Our firm maintains our fleet of moving vehicles in excellent working condition. When you seek an energetic, full-time team of long distance movers in Toronto, we hope you contact Metropolitan Movers Toronto. We’d like to become your first choice among long distance moving companies!

Long Distance Moving CompanyLong Distance Moving CompanyLong Distance Moving Company




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