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Appliance Delivery Services Toronto


Appliance Delivery & Pick up in Toronto

Furniture, equipment, and oversized items often create delivery difficulty for business owners. Consequently, some businesses do not provide deliveries, or charge an astronomical fee, and instead require the items to be picked up. Let us help you with that.

Our personnel will pick the items up on your behalf and deliver them when and where you need them. It is stressful, and often impractical, to wait for a delivery “between 11 am and 4,” as often is the case, instead, we offer you more punctual and flexible home moving deliveries in Toronto, including “after hours.”


Appliance Delivery Services Toronto

Did you purchase a new washing machine, dryer, refrigerator or stove? We can take care of the delivery and even removal of the old appliances. Our Toronto appliance movers are professional and flexible to work around your schedule!

our Toronto appliance movers are trained to protect your expensive appliance from any damages that could occur during the move.

Toronto Appliance Movers

Refrigerator Movers Toronto

residential and commercial refrigerators are heavy and should be handled with great care! Contact us and find out what is the recommended number of movers to safely transport your refrigerator.  Moving from one house to another and taking your refrigerator with you? our movers can swap the refrigerators for you and save you time and money

Washer & Dryer Delivery

our appliance moving moving services in Toronto can handle a verify or different products! such as and washing machines and dryers. Let our professional movers lift the dryer and washer machine for you.

Usually, laundry rooms are located in the basement or on the second floor of your home. lifting such heavy machines should be done with care.  Our team on appliance movers in Toronto are ready to assist you with any appliance hauling need.

let our trained professional moves to set up your stackable washer and dryer machines. We work with local appliance stores to deliver your purchase right to your home.

Dishwasher Movers Toronto

Purchased a new dishwasher? or found a great deal online? let us take care of the pick and delivery. We will take proper care of your dishware by keeping all the small hoses and making sure nothing leaks. The dishwasher will be wrapped from protection during transport.

Making Moving Look Easy. Metropolitan Movers.

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Contact us for more information about your appliance delivery or moving service in Toronto, ON. Metropolitan Movers have proven to offer affordable appliance delivery prices in Toronto and surrounding areas.

Our agents are standing by (647) 560-1899

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